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VOCAL EXPRESSIONS MUSIC SCHOOL is run by NZ music icon  ANITA PRIME  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anita_Prime  a 2011 LAMA Los Angeles Music Award winner and recent USA Billboard top 40 charting artist. She is also currently working with significant US based industry people and able to give up-to-date relevant information and advice to those seeking a career in the music industry.

Vocal Expressions Music School has helped hundreds of aspiring singers and musicians reach their full musical potential. Some have gone on to become NZ and Australian Idol finalists, others have gone on to become international artists and top-charting bands in their own right, like double platinum recording artists Evermore.

Vocal Expressions teaches all styles of music and instruments including VOICE, GUITAR, DRUMS, BASS and PIANO and has 2 studios in Upper Hutt .  SYKPE lessons are also available so that anyone from around the world can have the opportunity to learn the specialised techniques of Vocal Expressions Music School.

If you've never had music lessons before and if you feel a bit intimidated...then relax because Vocal Expressions Music School has a reputation of making you feel comfortable to sing/play in front of others...

If you have had music lessons before and feel like you haven't ever learnt anything...this is the place to come.  Not only will you learn how to sing/play correctly with practical skills and techniques, you will be taught how to perform with confidence...from stage presence to knowing what sound you need from your PA system.  Also you will be shown the ins and outs of how to produce your own demo C.D, which goes a long way to helping you find a band and open up your future in singing as a career.

The following are a few comments from people that have had lessons with a tutor from Vocal Expressions Music School;

A HUGE talent!! - [Vocal Expressions] you 'rock' when it comes to delivering the whole package - Sound, Technique, Stage Presence / Performance, Confidence, Audience connection plus...

"I have been in choirs and had years of vocal tuition but have never really understood how to sing correctly until I came to you..."

"You have a professional but friendly manner that immediately put me at ease to engage with the techniques and concepts, and to have fun with the song..."

"Absolutely awesome! Excellent excellent excellent...you are a fantastic person as well as a great singing teacher and performer. I would thoroughly encourage anyone who is thinking about improving their voice range, presentation, or confidence in singing/performing to speak to [Vocal Expressions]. [They] have a proven ability and track record to help you step up from wherever you're at."

"Hey just a message to anyone thinking about enroling. [Vocal Expressions] is amazing I have been having lessons with [them] for over a year now. Before I started I couldnt sing to save myself now my band is in the recording studio. I stress the fact that [they are] AMAZING and I would recommend [them] to anyone."



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